LlGHT 2000 and LlGHT 2001 are the titles of two temporary exhibitions held two winters in a row in outdoor Krems.

The projects were initiated and supervised by Gallery Göttlicher. The artists, who are all based in a borderland of architecture, design and new media, were asked to design structures and objects focussing on the concept of light. The objects were then installed throughout the old town of Krems-Stein. This medieval part of the town of Krems is located right on the river Danube, with old archways leading onto the river and the vineyards of the Wachau only a stone' s throw away.

The architects Franz Sam, Irene Ott- Reinisch and Martin Skladal wanted to network the local country road with the rest of the world. Several screens were arranged in a room of one of the local stores depicting the light situations of other places. Li ve pictures of the local road situation were projected onto a homepage on the Internet.


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